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3d illustration 1

To make an illustration, Biggles often finds it is most expedient to make it in 3D and then photograph it.

The natural patina given to the object by its construction gives it a life of its own that would be hard to match using conventional hand/computer illustration techniques.

postal heart

Book jacket for a biography of Mary Whitehouse, a long standing self styled "housewife" and advocate of press censorship.

3d illustration: Mary Whitehouse - Purge

Biggles was commissioned to design an album for the rock band, Swineherd. The brief for the cover was to make a sophisticated yet violent image.

3d illustration: Swill - for the rock band Swineherd
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To achieve this, six- inch nails were driven through fencing to spell out the name of the album. The letters are 8 inches wide and several feet tall. The whole fence was lit by a crude arc light to give a dramatic moody effect to metal and wood splinters.

3d illustration 1

Postal valentine. A foam 3D heart was broken into pieces. Each element was then wrapped like a parcel stamped, addressed and sent by post from different locations and then reassembled and photographed.

3d illustration 2
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