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design diversity

Twenty four years in the business.

Biggles has accumulated a wide variety of design experience in that time. From historically researched design to art direction and many things in between.

Sail mark and hull designs for Tim Severin's Ulysses Voyage*. Tim Severin made his name with historically accurate recreations of famous vessels and their journeys. He needed a striking image for the sail mark that reflected both him and the gallant, if mischievous, Ulysses. The profile used was adapted from a period image, that has a different inner and outer silhouette.

On leaving the RCA Biggles became a freelance art director for Stolder und Suter in Switzerland and worked on projects for Omega TM, Swatch TM and Pop Swatch TM and for many years Biggles has acted as designer and art director for Rosemary Moore UK, Rosemary Moore Japan, I-Spy, and more recently Stowaway UK.

Ship featuring sail mark and hull design for Tim Severin's Ulysses Voyage.Featuring work produced for a fashion promotion
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This seemed very apt as two different men made the voyage, one ancient one modern, and Ulysses was a renowned liar or put another way two- faced. The side decals were designed to give the optical illusion that they ran straight even though they were placed along the curved line of the ship, again in keeping with Mycenaean design of that time. *Photograph courtesy of National Geographic Magazine

The above is from a fashion promotion featuring the contrasting aspects of an innerwear and outerwear collection. Design and art direction by Biggles, photography by David Stetson and Dale Durfee, printed duo tone with special surfaces by The Hand Press.

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design diversity
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