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Make-over graphics: Cenoura Atlantic Firstclass
Make-over graphics: CenX team

make-over graphics

This design make-over was made in conjunction with HQ Design London. The brief was to take the children's wear company Cenoura and give it a contemporary identity that could change with the season's various fashion stories.

The company is Portuguese and its name means 'carrot'. Its old sixties logo was a drawing of a carrot accompanied with large type. In the new logo the Portuguese national colours were used to give a solid flag- like feel, with variations on the carrot theme when only the green and orange are used. Although Cenoura deals with an age range from 0 to 12, a conscious decision was made to give the brand an older look.

Anything younger would be rejected by the highly critical and visually aware teen group.

Make-over graphics: CenouraMake-over graphics: Sugar and Spice
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As this is a radical departure from the old logo design, the name Cenoura was included. It is envisaged that as the rebranding continues the name will be dropped, leaving only the flag and its variations. This logo and its colours are the only consistent theme throughout the identity. The graphics used on the outside of the garments change to reflect each new fashion theme. Generally there are four to six themes twice a year.

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