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Events, installations and land art.

Between projects Biggles sometimes donates his work unannounced to the public. It is for them to discover, and hopefully smile and enjoy.

Among his friends they have become known as jolly gapes. but the 30's banter belies some serious intent. Indeed they are often the product of serious collaboration with like minded designers.

Here some examples with a watery theme, the Gaints Footprint from some time ago and the more recent Floating traffic island and beach Sundial.


Floating traffic Island This can be found in a backwater of one of the UK's larger waterways.

Constructed to scale, it appears to all intents and purposes to be a floating traffic island, perplexing passers by with its improbable appearance.

Arriving tide
What a big footprint!
Tide in

The Giant's Footprint This is a piece of non-commissioned sculpture that you may or may not just happen upon in Dorset. Just like this page, it is semi secret.

The coast here is known for its fossils, these become exposed during the winter gales. Biggles thought it would be fun to carve out a "giants footprint" at a place where many children play during the summer. He made this footprint during the winter, when there was no one about. It measures about 10ft long and 4.5ft wide, it is placed on a piece of rock that is only exposed at low tide.

Consequently, natural rock pools fill the toes. This is where children often place captured crabs. Not realising until the end of the day, when they look down from the cliff, that they have been playing in a giant's footprint.


Beach Sundial Not all work is made to last. This Sundial was made on a beach on the Greek Island of Symi.

The beach has two unique properties, it can only be accessed by a boat and extremely tall cliffs cut off the Sun just after 4pm.

It is not possible to get to the beach much before 11.00am, so the sundial starts at 11.00 am and finishes at 4.00 p.m..

Thus it determines the maximum Sun available to the sunbather. Two minutes after this photograph was taken the entire beach went into shadow from the cliff.

Made above the tide line, but you know what they say about properties built on sand.


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